A basic course for anyone who needs to work with a myofunctional therapist prior to obtaining a frenectomy or tongue tie release surgery. Myofunctional therapy is essential in obtaining a full and optimal tongue tie release. This course contains guided

Learn C++ with modern features introduced with C++11/14 Update : More videos added for memory management with smart pointers (shared_ptr, unique_ptr, weak_ptr Update :Instructions added for installing Visual Studio Community 2017, Cevelop (Eclipse) & Code::Blocks Update

C,C++,Ruby and Python are the most popular and advanced programming language which are used in most of the applications today, They are used in application like web-applications, games, mobile apps, operating systems, popular websites like yahoo, google, instagram twitter and

This course is on the art of J.M.W. Turner. Many people, including your professor, consider Turner to be one of, if not the, greatest artist of all time. He spent his lifetime looking at the earth and painting it with

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) have become the most popular and interesting format of testing these days around the world. From the junior-grade to the competitive exams like SAT, ACT, IIT-JEE, PMT, UPSC, SSC and other Civil Services exams, MCQs have become

End-to-End Real-World  Application Development with F# will guide you to develop a fully  functional web application that includes server-side as well as  client-side programming thanks to Fable, F#, and the JavaScript  compiler. We will target the .NET Core platform so

C++ is one of the most  widely used programming languages today. The language itself is object-oriented, offering you the utmost control over data usage, interface, and resource allocation. This course covers the fundamentals of programming in  C++.  Created for the

Welcome to AHA-VTS dot com© CCNA Lab F.L.I.C.©. This lab is designed to provide assistance in your understanding for Cisco routers and switches. The lab is geared toward Beginners to the world of networking to Intermediate Technicians who have worked

There are six foundational doctrines to the Christian faith. Because they are foundational, every believer should have a clear understanding of each one of these doctrines, and live by them. Those who have a clear understanding of these doctrines and

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