R will soon be the leading coding language in data science and statistics. Many professionals choose to use R in a variety of industries and scientific fields. Not many take the time to learn it because they don’t know its

This Final Cut Pro X for Mavericks training course from Infinite Skills teaches you how to use this popular video editing software on the Mavericks operating system. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no prior experience with

Are you new to R? Do you want to learn more about statistical programming? Are you in a quantitative field? You just started learning R but you struggle with all the free but unorganized material available elsewhere? Do you want

In a world of ever-changing politics, advancing technologies, wars and revolts; confront the future and learn from the past by diving into U.S. foreign policy, the challenges it embarks and the world’s future it strives towards. Eight topics selected by

Al explains how Capacitive Reactance (Xc) and  Inductive Reactance(Xl) and Resistance (R) behaives in Alternating Voltage Circuits. Series R L C Circuits & Parallel R L C Circuits are Expained. AL explains how to find total Impedance ( Z)   of the circuit

Understand the intuition behind Artificial Neural Networks. Understand the intuition behind Convolutional Neural Networks Understand the intuition behind Recurrent Neural Networks Understand the intuition behind Self-Organizing Maps Understand the intuition behind Boltzmann Machines Understand the intuition behind AutoEncoders Apply Artificial

Do you own a 3D printer and want to become an expert? Maybe your printer is not working as you expect and need to be able to read the gcode file to check for errors when your slicer program writes

In this Music Production III course you will learn how to use both standard and advanced plugins to master your own songs within the DAW environment. In this course Mitch takes you through the Music Mastering process within Logic Pro X.

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