2015 Great Decisions: Foreign Policy Association

In a world of ever-changing politics, advancing technologies, wars and revolts; confront the future and learn from the past by diving into U.S. foreign policy, the challenges it embarks and the world’s future it strives towards.

Eight topics selected by the Foreign Policy Association and analyzed in the Great Decisions 2015 Handbook are covered in this course. The topics are:

  1. Russia’s Foreign Policy
  2. Privacy in a Digital World
  3. Sunni vs Shia
  4. India Rising
  5. The Promise of Africa
  6. Syria Refugee Crisis
  7. Modern Day Slavery
  8. Building Brazil

With a mixture of video lectures, quizzes, and optional supplemental readings from the Great Decisions 2015 Briefing Book indulge yourself in the world of foreign policy with this course by Great Decisions.

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