AHA-VTS: Cisco CCNA Lab F.L.I.C.

Welcome to AHA-VTS dot com© CCNA Lab F.L.I.C.©. This lab is designed to provide assistance in your understanding for Cisco routers and switches. The lab is geared toward Beginners to the world of networking to Intermediate Technicians who have worked in the IT/Networking field for a minimum of 2 to 2½ years with hands on experience.

The topics covered are what you might except on the CCNA exam. Although Cisco’s CCNA exam is not Lab orientated; some questions assume that you have been on actual devices – whether virtually, remotely, or physically.

This CCNA Lab F.L.I.C.© consists of 5 to 6 sections, each varies in time from about 30 – 45mins, based on your knowledge of the subject and how fast you can type. Ultimately, the lab is designed to take between 5 to 8 hours in total time.

The syllabus consists of:

— Pre-Lab

— Layer 2 – Switching

— Layer 3 – IP addressing and Routing

— Security

— Miscellaneous

In an effort to make the CCNA Lab F.L.I.C.© available for immediate use – it is designed to be used in GNS3. The design consists of 6 routers and 3 switches[1]:

— 4 – 2691 routers

— 2 – 7200vxr router

— 3 – 3725 router with ESM module

Refer to the accompanied diagram; AHA-VTS dot com© CCNA Lab F.L.I.C.© diagram, for physical connectivity, Layer 2, and Layer 3 schemes.

NOTE: A valid Cisco CCO is required to download IOS used in this lab.

Of course the CCNA Lab F.L.I.C.© can also be implemented on ‘real’ cisco hardware. Some cost effective routers and switches that can be used with this lab are:

— Cisco 815W

— Cisco 2500 series

— Cisco 3600 series

— Cisco 2621XM

— Cisco 3725

— Cisco 1900 series

— Cat 3560

— Cat 3550 EMI

— Cisco 3570

— Cisco 2950/2960

You can also search the Internet on websites, such as eBay, to find great deals on Cisco routers, switches, and/or fully equipped racks.

I truly hope you enjoy this lab and I look forward to assisting you in your future Cisco endeavors.

Happy Configuring!!

AHA-VTS dot com©

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